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About Us

With deep experience in enterprise technology, user experience, cyber security, and building world class web and mobile experiences, the team at Comply Group are obsessed with solving complex industry problems and making life easier for business owners, managers, and employees.

What is Comply Group?

Comply Group is a unique Software as a Service provider that can rapidly expand and deploy our enterprise grade web and mobile technology as needed for different industry use cases.

We provide world class compliance, automation, and digitisation technology for enterprise customers. From the humble beginnings using the QR code to check in to a building, we have expended our platform to track/manage assets, incidents, shifts, visitors and much more with one simple platform to cater for compliance related workflows across logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, resources, healthcare and many more.

What's different about us?

We work FAST

Enterprise grade business critical system rollouts take weeks not years with Comply Group. Our team pools resources from around the world to extend our existing platforms to meet your exact needs

We focus on QUALITY

Our team cares deeply about the quality of the work we do. We support the systems we build and we have fantastic relationships with our customers.

We provide STABILITY

Our platforms are built to handle scale and our user experience is designed to be so simple to use that employees and admins alike have a smooth experience.

Our technology is BUSINESS CRITICAL

Our platforms are trusted by thousands of customers and millions of users to run mission critical business processes that are at the core of their operations.

Where is Comply Group?

Comply Group is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with staff based around the country and internationally. We love diversity and are passionate about being an equal opportunity employer of choice.

Who is Comply Group?

Comply Group is run by a crack team of exciting technology and industry professionals who love to build technology that just works. We are a very friendly and collaborative bunch who strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

Our team has been involved in many large technology projects and have a tenured history in solving large enterprise problems. We understand how business critical systems, technology, and change management all come together to overcome complex challenges.

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