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Time & Attendance

Accurately track employee shift start and finish times, with geofencing and award interpretation, integrating hours worked directly into your payroll system.


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Our team works to have your employees, awards, and holidays imported and tested, ready to go


QR code clock on and off

Use our proven QR code checkin system for staff shift start and finish


Easy-to-use software

Our simple, accessible software has successfully processed interactions with millions of people of all ages, devices, and technical capabilities.

Cloud-based time management

Eliminate the need for manual entry of time data and significantly reduce the potential for errors using our Time & Attendance platform.

Employees can simply clock on and out from any device with internet access, making the process faster and more convenient and reducing administrative costs associated with manual timekeeping.

Digital time tracking systems can help ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations by automatically tracking and calculating overtime, breaks, and other requirements set by the various Awards set up within in the company.

The software has the capability to integrate timesheet data with your payroll system, ensuring a seamless process when it comes to paying your employees.


Set up your Timesheet Manager

Provide us with your pay codes and awards and we'll get your exact requirements setup and ready for internal testing.


Place QR codes & URLs

Each location has a unique QR Code and URL that can be placed  in workplace buildings where required.


Monitor staff submissions

View all clock in/clock off data on a dashboard to review and approve, with the ability to export the data for payroll to process.

Working with Border Express

Accurately tracking shifts in distribution centres posed a major challenge for national logistics provider, Border Express. The company needed to replace their existing fingerprint scanning devices with a user-friendly alternative to integrate with their existing payroll system.

By partnering with us, Border Express implemented QR codes for shift tracking, geofencing, and award interpretation. This allowed precise tracking of start and finish times, seamlessly integrating with their payroll system. Distance parameters were set for clocking in and out, triggering automated alerts for efficient manager review.

Border Express now manages a workforce of 1500 employees across 19 locations using our Time & Attendance solution.

Simple to use, packed with features.


Timesheet records

View, manage and export all employee timesheet records


Employee Profiles

View and manage all employees and separate them into groups based on their role in the company.


Employee classifications

View and configure classifications (e.g. full time, part time, casual etc)


Automated Reports

Receive reports automatically on a weekly and/or daily basis to selected email accounts.


Public holidays

View and configure public holidays to ensure payroll administers the correct pay to employees.



View and configure the companies your workforce may contract from


Red notice integration

Review, edit or approve timesheet discrepancies before submitting for payroll.


Geo-location tracking

When an employee or contractor is within a certain distance from the check-in location, they will be able to clock in using their mobile device.


Pay Codes

Assign various pay grades and award rates to be exported to your payroll software, ensuring employees are being paid correctly.


Award calculation

View and configure the awards and rules that determine pay codes produced by each timesheet record.



View and configure the different types of shifts your employees work (e.g. day shift, night shift, weekend etc)


Data Export

Export data from the system, including payroll spreadsheets for future record keeping and reporting requirements.

Setting smart distance parameters

Geolocation tracking

Our geo-location tracking feature enables employers to set distance parameters for staff to clock on and off within. If a staff member clocks on or off outside of a pre-configured distance, employers will be notified.


Set distance parameters

Configure minimum and maximum distances from the workplace location at which employees can clock in and out of work from.

Once customised, when an employee or contractor is within a certain distance from the check-in location, they will be able to clock in using their mobile device.


Red notice integration

Configure the minimum distance at which you will receive notification of employee clock on/off.

For example, if an employee tries to clock on outside of the pre-configured checkin zone, a red notice will appear beside that person's name for review in the dashboard.


Remote clock-in/off

Enable employees working from home to clock on and off for work remotely, with the ability for employers to

The Dashboard

View Timesheet records broken down by employee, neatly showing their day or week’s timesheets.

The dashboard is the central digital hub for all employee timesheet data.

Administrators gain complete access to

View and edit all employee time sheets

View and edit all employee time sheets and filter by award rate, shift type, classification and company.


Export to payroll

Export timesheet record data for payroll integration using a custom date range.


Flagged status

Filter timesheets that need to be edited or reviewed or edited before archiving by labelling them as 'flagged for review'.


Red Notices

If an employee has clocked on or off too late or early, or if they have clocked on or off at a distance, a red notice will appear against the discrepancy for managers to review.


Filtered search results

Timesheets can be filtered by flagged status, award rate, location, manager name, date range, archived and non-archived, active and non-active employees.


Integration with our other
flexible and powerful tools

Compliance Passports

Users can manage staff and contractor compliance on and off site with our dynamic passports to track training, accreditation, worksite entry requirements and more.

Through the integration of our Check In and Compliance Passports products, users can enable a feature that cross reference passport and check-in data data with check-in data, allowing businesses to check that those checking in fit the requirements necessary for any given location.


Survey Manager

Using the Survey Manager with Comply Group’s Check In product, users can check-in to a location and then be re-directed to the survey to fill in any additional questions required by the company at the time.

Red notices can also be configured to work in conjunction with Check Ins. For example if someone checks in to a location and answers a set of questions that go against the businesses' entry requirements, a red notice will appear preventing them from checking in and entering the location.


Booking Manager

The Booking Manager is an online visitor management system that enables organisations to book in visitors and staff for appointments and meetings, with highly configureable settings for any use case.

Using this product, visitors receive automated notifications before their scheduled visit, with meeting organisers being notified electronically at the time of their arrival, including their location in the building.



Using the Watchlist, business owners can discretely keep track of any particular people they know of and need to be notified of when they arrive at a location and define them in the system as a Person of Interest (POI).

This could be for several reasons including a VIP guest, person prohibited from entering the building (e.g. employee under suspension/investigation) or a potential security threat that staff need to be aware of.


Integrated Time and Attendance products:

Employee Self Service Portal

A mobile-friendly platform for staff to keep track of their payslips and request and view their annual leave.

The portal integrates seamlessly with the payroll software being used by the organisation, enabling employees to access their data in a simplified way on their mobile devices.

Data is synced regularly to allow for an accurate display of employee details.


Leave balances, requests and forecasts

Employees have the ability to request leave and view their current leave balances from the portal, along with the ability to calculate their projected annual leave at any given date.

Annual leave forecasting can be configured by management to include one or several types of leave.


Payslip access

Users can view their payslips, with the ability to download them in PDF format



In the banking feature, employees have the ability to allocate the varying amounts of pay they’d like to transfer into different bank accounts of their choosing, as well as increasing their super contributions should they wish to.


The Awards feature in Comply Group's Time & Attendance tool enables payroll administrators to define an award or agreement with a selection of pre-configured rules, and then assign this award to employees, in order to calculate the correct pay codes for their shifts.


Custom Pay Codes

The Comply Group Awards product enables payroll administrators to define an award or agreement with a selection of pre-configured rules, to then assign this award to employees in order to calculate the correct pay codes for their shifts.


Custom Rules

Create rules to help define the individual terms that make up any given award in your organisation.


Awards Dashbaord

View and edit awards by branch, location or individual employee to ensure you are in keeping with all agreements on an ongoing basis.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does setup take?

Typically 1-2 weeks. Simply provide us with the compliance requirements and our team will get to work setting the system up for you.

Can we request changes?

Yes. We love extending the platform to work exactly as needed. Just ask and we can scope out changes.

Can I see it in action?

Yes. Request a walk through of the platform, we can also set up a demo account for you to access.

How does pricing work?

We have very competitive pricing. Get in touch now to chat with our team about your requirements.