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Compliance Passports

Manage staff and contractor compliance with our dynamic passports to track training, accreditation, worksite entry requirements and more.


Set up for success

Our team works with you to capture compliance requirements, create self service portals and QR code signup tools for staff and contractors


Set and forget automation

After initial setup, our platform will take over automatically, capturing staff and contractor compliance statuses with dynamic alerts sent to your teams as needed


Easy-to-use software

Our simple, accessible software has successfully processed interactions with millions of people of all ages, devices, and technical capabilities.

Our Passports in Action - Case Studies

Companies across Australia face a variety of compliance requirements before granting on-site access to employees. Admins must manually approve compliance criteria, leading to time-consuming processes and difficulties in managing a large workforce across multiple locations.

Our platform provides real-time dashboards, reports, and alerts to help operations teams manage thousands of employees nationwide.By leveraging our passport technology, companies improve compliance management, simplify administrative processes, and enhance overall workforce management.

Sodexo Australia, Toyota Materials Handling, and Melbourne City Council are just a few of the organisations that currently make use of our Compliance Passports.

Our passports help manage compliance requirements for large, dynamic workforces.

The platform is fully customisable to meet your exact requirements without compromise.


Add your employees

Add individually, import via HR software integration, or provide a QR Code and/or URL for people to self register.


Configure settings & reminders

Decide how much information to capture, invite other administrators, and configure automatic reminders.


Sit back and relax

Our platform will send automatic reminders, collect status on schedule, and alert you when action is required.

Case Study

Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Materials Handling Australia uses our compliance passports and location checkins nationally to manage workforce entry based on different state government rules


Automate compliance
with custom reminders.

Configure an unlimited number of reminders, with any depth of rule layers to ensure you are collecting staff and contractor details on time in a central reporting locations


Information Notice and/or message

Include a notice shown at top of the Compliance Portal, with the ability to add a custom welcome message and a public contact support email.


Legal addendum

Add or modify the terms and conditions related to the use of the platform, for example data protection and privacy, liability and indemnification, user obligations or clauses specifying the conditions under which the agreement can be terminated or cancelled by either party.


Identification details

Capture additional information to identify someone, e.g. driver’s license or employee ID.


Reporting categories and other info

Create a list of selectable groups for reporting e.g. departments, work groups, employment type, etc with the added option to capture mobile, email, date of birth and/or the client number.


Postcode-based rules

When this feature is enabled, management can capture their employees’ postcodes in order to enforce any area-specific rules that may apply at a particular location.


No profile activity

Automatically send reminders to staff every 7 days to fill out their passport if their profile is still empty.


Management alerts

Notify specific people on expiry or non compliance.

Complete vaccination compliance

Depending on the industry and location, companies may be required to implement vaccination policies to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. Some countries or regions may require proof of vaccination against certain diseases before allowing travellers to enter. Using Comply Group’s Vaccination Compliance feature businesses can ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding travel disruptions and delays associated with any vaccination requirements.

Request the following information from your staff:

  • Employee and/or contractor vaccination status

  • Vaccination administrator

  • Date of vaccination

  • Vaccination manufacturer

  • Reason for not being vaccinated

Features include:

Vaccination scheduling

Ask employees to include the date at which they have scheduled a vaccination, including a booster shot of the same type of vaccination, if required.


Vaccination certificate upload

Require an upload of vaccination certificate, along with clear instructions on how to upload, and the type of evidence you require.


Medical Exemption upload

Allow people to upload a valid medical exemption, along with the option to require a medical exemption expiry date.


Deletion of approved evidence.

Allow admins to delete approved evidence once it has been approved, ensuring


IHI redaction feature

Staff can securely upload any certificate or proof of vaccination whilst protecting extremely sensitive private health and medical information about your staff. When enabled, Individual Health Identifier (IHI) numbers are automatically redacted from certificates, with the ability to manually redact IHI numbers on previous certificates uploaded to the system.


Comprehensive Test Tracking

Depending on the industry and location, companies may still be required to implement COVID-19 testing policies to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. In many cases, compliance with these requirements is necessary to ensure the safety of employees and contractors, avoid penalties, and maintain business continuity. The test tracking feature within our Compliance Passports product

Request the following test information:

  • Require an attachment of each test result, and if required, allow for delayed test results by not immediately requiring the result and evidence straight away.

  • Test result method capture - e.g PCR, RAT

  • Test administrator capture

  • Add historical tests to a passport


Pathology Lab integration

When enabled, test results will be automatically received from the lab.



Configure a set of custom rules to automatically send reminders to staff to upload their test results.



Notify all or select admins via email when new medical exemption or vaccination certificate evidence is available for review, and/or when a passport holder reports a positive result.



Configure the number of days after which test results will be automatically deleted, or alternatively disable auto-data deletion.


Packed full of options and features.

Complete oversight of all types of compliance data across workforces of all sizes. Keep track of various different compliance requirements



  • Employee opt-in

  • Privacy opt-out

  • Privacy addendum

  • Check-in integration


Staff data

  • Employee ID

  • Sub-brands

  • Postcodes

  • Departments


Compliance rules

  • Training

  • Accreditation

  • Insurances

  • Vaccines



  • Expiry reports

  • Coverage predictions

  • Coverage breakdown

  • Exportable reports

Integration with our other
flexible and powerful tools

Integrated Compliance Manager features

Check Ins

Comply Group's Check-In Portal is an easy-to-use browser-based tool using a unique location QR code. A cloud-based, digital tool packed with tonnes of customisable features to make the check-in process as seamless as possible for users, at any given location. The product assists organisations with tracking all visitor and staff movement in the building and be aware of their location at any given time, this can be useful for security, contact tracing, emergency or evacuation purposes.

Using our Check-ins product along with our Passports, businesses can integrate one or many sources for passport verification and check in linking to allow for cross reference of data across passports at one or more given check in locations. Management can configure how they’d like to restrict entry based on various passport requirements.


Require and verify passport number.

Prevent people from checking in without a valid passport number.


Only allow people with approved evidence to enter.

Reject entry to a location if the passport does not display required evidence of a driver’s licence, valid vaccination, or particular accreditation.


Require matching name/phone number.

Using this feature the system will automatically compare the passport with check-in information and reject if they are not the same.


Our pricing is incredibly simple.


Scalable, high impact, for larger Organisations or growing Corporations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does setup take?

Typically 1-2 weeks. Simply provide us with the compliance requirements and our team will get to work setting the system up for you.

Can we request changes?

Yes. We love extending the platform to work exactly as needed. Just ask and we can scope out changes.

Can I see it in action?

Yes. Request a walk through of the platform, we can also set up a demo account for you to access.

How does pricing work?

We have very competitive pricing. Get in touch now to chat with our team about your requirements.