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Check Ins

A cloud-based, digital tool packed with tonnes of customisable features to make the check-in process as seamless as possible for users, at any given location.


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Intellectual Property Protection

Journey data is only accessible by your organisation, including the ability for you to grant access to certain users defined by roles and access levels.


Easy-to-use software

Our simple, accessible software has successfully processed interactions with millions of people of all ages, devices, and technical capabilities.

Powering City Of Melbourne

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Melbourne needed to replace their swipe card entry system to comply with new government mandates for accurate record-keeping of staff and visitor entries.

Comply Group worked with the City of Melbourne to implement multiple QR codes at various entrances to their buildings. This enabled accurate contact tracing and facilitated swift SMS notifications to potential cases during outbreaks.

This transformed into a broader use of QR codes for maintaining staff and visitor compliance beyond COVID-19 measures. The City of Melbourne continues to use Comply Group’s Check-in product for their ongoing Visitor Management needs.

Simple to use, packed with features.


Capture contact details

Customise all the details you require, such as full name, phone number, email, address, ID number, etc.


Photo ID

Have your visitors upload an ID image as they check in, with the option to enforce it as a requirement for entry.


Multiple People

Enable guests to check in multiple people at the same time, whether that’s 2 additional guest all the way to 100 additional persons.


Check out & Capacity

Set a time for check ins to automatically expire and check out, as well as strictly enforce a capacity, which prevents additional guests from checking in.


Health Details

Ask your guests checking in a short or comprehensive questionnaire about any possible symptoms of sickness, close contact status, previous test results or previous travel, as well as the ability to capture their temperature.

If their response does not meet the requirements, a red notice will trigger that prevents them from checking in.


Red Notices

These are alerts that can trigger notifications to be sent to an email group when a guest fails the health questionnaire, does not meet the entry criteria (see passport integration) or is from an identified red zone (postcode).



Set up a list of phone numbers or emails to receive notifications about check in data such as when a red notice is triggered, when a location has reached capacity or when check ins have expired.


Purpose of Entry

Ask people checking in to provide their purpose of entry, with pre-configured answers for them to select in multiple choice format


Professional Details

Ask people checking in to provide their details, for example, role and/or which department they work in. Pre-configured answers can be created for them to select multiple choice or short answer/free text formats.


Multi-Factor Check In

Required to check into a form?

Redirect people to check in to a third party URL after checking in with the option to present a fallback code which can be provided as an alternate way to manually check-in.


Internal Location

Capture the area or table number a guest is visiting, For example booth number, room name, meeting space, court number. Users can customise the check in form with up to 12 pre-defined options for people to select from.


Custom Content

Take control of the look and feel of your guests’ experience, by adding a custom URL for them to interact with, as well as custom messages in the header, footer and upon check in.


A part of our Visitor Management

The Booking Manager is a part of our Visitor Management.

Combining our Check Ins and Watchlists, this provides a total Visitor Management solution allowing you to create a Visitor Recipients all while monitoring for Persons of Interest.


Data Configuration

Whether you need to store your data for a month, 365 days or have it automatically deleted, with our Check Ins you are in control of all your data and visitor records.


White Label

Provide your customers with a bespoke and trusted experience by adding your organisation’s branding across the platform, as well as customising information across customer facing pages


No phone? Can’t Scan? No problem

You have seen it before, a guest is unable to check in due to not having a phone on them, or being unable to load up the page. Our Location Panels provide an easy solution that allows guests to be checked into a location by a staff member or allow them to check themselves in using the kiosk.


SMS Check In Mode

Write a SMS (text message) containing a 6-digit code. Send the SMS to the dedicated Comply Group check in number. Once entered correctly, an SMS will be instantly sent back with a clickable link to check-in online.


Kiosk Check Ins

Users can configure a device to have a dedicated check in portal allowing users to securely check in without previous pre filled data saved, so that no details are shown and their check in summaries are automatically hidden.


Check In Search Portal

Provide a dedicated search portal (shared kiosk/concierge device) for people to find their check-ins and to check out by searching for their number or name. Perfect for organisations with a technologically challenged demographic.


Real time overview of your location

The Location Panel allows you to have a real time overview of all your checked in guests, checked out guests as well as checkins that have expired. 


Contact Tracing

Our dynamic multi-ring contact tracing feature is built into our Comply Group platform working in integration with our Check-Ins and Compliance Passports products. The feature uses the data collected from each of these products to provide comprehensive insight into three or more rings of close-contact as required.

Features include:


No limit on rings

There is no theoretical limit to the number of close contact rings, but this is manually limited to two rings by default based on relevance due to population size. The third ring becomes relevant at a ratio of ~1k people per location.


Jurisdiction-specific configuration

Set a custom close contact definition (e.g. 15 minutes or more in the same location) and cross-over buffer period (e.g. include a 20 minute buffer period before check in and after check out).


Immediate results

Skip downloading and merging CSV files of check-in data, or waiting for the Department of Health to do so. Users will receive immediate, actionable insights in the browser with a click of a button.


Send an emergency SMS announcement

Quickly and easily send a text message to all visitors that are checked into a location to alert them of an emergency, or when immediate action is required.


Custom SMS Message

With our SMS announcements, you are able to easily write up your message before confirming it and sending it to your checked in guests. You can also send messages as important situations arise to communicate with guests in real time.


Test Mode

Use our SMS announcements for sending messages to a list of phone numbers vs your checked in guest for testing mode.


Review Annoucements

For a detailed announcement overview, we provide detailed audit logs that show the exact number of people expected to receive the message, who has successfully received it along with how many messages failed.


Integration with our other flexible and powerful tools

Complete Visitor Management

Integrated Visitor Management Features

Time & Attendance

Our Timesheet management tool enables businesses to integrate staff timesheets into their Comply Group Check-In locations.

When employees arrive at work, they can scan their workplace QR code to check-in to the location, as well as clock in for work using the same web system.


Geo-location tracking

Configure minimum and maximum distances from the workplace location at which employees can clock in and out of work from.

Once customised, when an employee or contractor is within a certain distance from the check-in location, they will be able to clock in using their mobile device.


Red notice integration

Configure the minimum distance at which you will receive notification of employee clock on/off.

Configure the minimum distance at which you will receive notification of employee clock on/off.


Earliest and latest clock on/off time

Configure the amount of time people are allowed to clock on or off before or after their shift to ensure correct pay and break allocation.

Admins can easily review, edit or approve timesheet discrepancies before submitting for payroll.

Passports and Surveys

Using our Passports product, business gain complete oversight of all types of compliance data across workforces of all sizes and integrate this with your Check In locations to adhere to any compliance entry requirements in your business.

The Survey Manager enables businesses to attach a questionnaire to the check-in process to capture any specific information from their visitors that they require.


Verify compliance on check-in

When an employee, visitor or contractor enters a workplace building or worksite, security and/or reception can verify their credentials (e.g. ID/accreditation) upon arrival by cross-referencing the passport data previously uploaded in their system.


Real-time alerting

If a contractor arrives on site and they haven’t uploaded their certification, management will receive notification of this.


Custom Survey questions

Create a list of questions to capture, and restrict entry if required.

For example if someone checks in to a location and answers a set of questions that go against the businesses' entry requirements, a red notice will appear preventing them from checking in and entering the location.


Checkins, Booking Manager and the Watchlist all together for complete guest management

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Visitor Management combines all the features and integration capabilities of ourCheckins, Booking Manager and the Watchlist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does setup take?

Typically 1-2 weeks. Simply provide us with the compliance requirements and our team will get to work setting the system up for you.

Can we request changes?

Yes. We love extending the platform to work exactly as needed. Just ask and we can scope out changes.

Can I see it in action?

Yes. Request a walk through of the platform, we can also set up a demo account for you to access.

How does pricing work?

We have very competitive pricing. Get in touch now to chat with our team about your requirements.