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Comply Group Labs

A unique opportunity to have a vendor’s software do exactly what you need it to do. 

Introducing Comply Group Labs - where our exceptional product development team collaborates closely with you to address your unique compliance workflows and deliver tailored solutions through our cutting-edge web-based SaaS platform.

The end result is a best in class SaaS solution that suits your business needs and works exactly as needed, with much less up front investment and risk than building in-house. We are able to integrate with existing solutions and work within your IT security requirements such as SSO and data privacy and security. 

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Here's how it works:


You have a no obligation chat with our product team directly to brainstorm and understand your business problem in more detail and how we might help solve it.


We commit our team for 2-4 week sprints to scope out and build the solution collaboratively with your business and technology teams.


We offer a comprehensive solution as part of our continuously expanding Comply Group SaaS platform.

Key Features

Working together to create something unique

Your ideas, Your design

During our rapid prototyping phase, we will direct our time and effort into ensuring that we can create a software with an interface to your liking. We’ll keep you up to date during this particular phase, awaiting a constant stream of feedback and ideas from you.

Hands-on Collaboration

Our customers become part of the development process ensuring that we are always in alignment with your goals whilst providing you with ongoing support, from the conception of an idea to its completion and beyond. 

Full Autonomy

We want to ensure that during the collaborative process, you’ll have full control over the product design and that we’ll be ready to adapt to your needs in regards to the product’s overall functionality, look, and feel.

Global pipeline construction firm NACAP needed a web based digital asset checklist system to streamline pre-start and maintenance checklists across their fleet of vehicles. Digitally signed submissions generate reports and alerts to management and paper has been eliminated.

Accurate shift tracking is a huge challenge in distribution centres especially when spread around the country. We helped national logistics provider Border Express to use QR codes to track shift start and finish times, with geofencing and award interpretation, integrating hours worked directly into the payroll system.

Opened a wide array of possibilities for testing and tracking in a covid-mandated world by creating a backbone software that serves as the foundation for the company’s operational system.