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Booking Manager

A secure, digital platform that enables organisations to manage staff and visitor bookings across multiple locations.


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Intellectual Property Protection

Data is only accessible by your organisation, including the ability for you to grant access to certain users defined by roles and access levels.


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Our simple, accessible software has successfully processed interactions with millions of people of all ages, devices, and technical capabilities.

Booking Manager Features

Our Booking Manager is an online visitor management system that enables organisations to book in visitors and staff for appointments and meetings, with highly configureable settings for any use case.

With a heavy emphasis on security and data protection, the Booking Manager assists businesses with complying with regulations by storing visitor information electronically and providing an auditable trail of check-in and check-out times, when required.

While using our platform, visitors receive automated notifications prior to their scheduled visit. Once they arrive, the meeting organisers will be notified electronically about their arrival, including their location in the building.

Case Study

Trusted by Parliament of Victoria

We provide a full suite of web-based tools to assist the Parliament of Victoria campus with ongoing visitor management requirements, booking notifications, security alerts and more.

Customise your new booking experience


Customised Greeting

Create a unique message along with a customised title for those who are making a booking prior to arrival in the application. e.g. Visitor information- Please provide your name. This is configurable through a free text, so that the end user will be able to simply view the predefined fields for easy data access.


Multiple Choice Selection

With highly configurable multiple choice fields for questions, you are easily able to add information to your booking, such as which entrance to use, reason for the booking or whether it is a persons first time on site, if so, would they like a tour.


Purpose of Visit

Add a free text field to your booking form to capture more details about the reason for a guests visit.

This is then shown on the Booking Manager Dashboard, and provides you and your team an easy way to see why visitors are here.


Custom Question

Need more flexibility on your booking forms?

Extra customisation allows you to set up an additional text field to capture what ever you need, and is then presented on the Booking Manager Dashboard.


Custom Notifications

Has your visitor arrived? Let the booking creator know by their preference whether that's email, phone call or SMS.

Notifications can also be filled with custom messages, as well as a prefilled option to make it easier to communicate with the booking owner.


Manage Your Data

Whether you need to store your data for 30 or 365 days, or have it automatically deleted, with our Booking Manager you are in control of your data and visitor records.


Additional inclusions

The Booking Manager is just one section of our Visitor Management.

Combining our Check Ins and Watchlists provides a total Visitor Management solution, allowing you to create Visitor Recipients and monitor for Persons of Interest.



Provide your customers with a bespoke and trusted experience by adding your organisation’s branding across the platform, as well as customising information across customer facing pages.

Managing multiple visitors at once?

Split Bookings provides a flexible option to create individual bookings that are still linked to a primary booking, so you can see who has been booked in together.


Group & Split Bookings

Simplify the booking process and reduce administrative tasks by creating a single reservation for a group of 2 or more people, with the optional ability to include each individual’s name.

When splitting the booking, a unique reservation is created for each person who is part of the group booking, enabling individuals to check in by themselves, without altering the the entire group booking.


Manage bookings with up to 25 additional guests at once

Using our Booking Management Tool, group bookings are simple to manage with the ability to add up to 25 guests per booking.


Long list of people invited? Upload a CSV with all their details prefilled - easy!

Save time and resources using our easy CSV file upload process. Admins can import a list of people, along with their relevant details to quickly and efficiently create group and individual bookings.


Split bookings creates an individual booking for each guest making it easy to manage

An Administrator can check individuals from a  group booking in separately, allowing for more flexibility with managing the group booking. For example, should an individual arrive late, they can be checked in without needing to alter the entire group booking to reflect this.

The Booking Manager Dashboard

All the details, right at your fingertips

Using the dashboard, businesses gain a highly detailed oversight of all historical and current bookings created by and for staff members across the organisation.

From the dashboard, users can take advantage of the following features:


Gain an overview of Bookings expected to arrive

View all upcoming bookings for the day, including the guests’ expected times of arrival, along with any important details that have been provided about the each booking.


View and edit Bookings, as well as mark them as arrived

Should a booking need to be changed, admins can simply open a booking and edit the information within.

Staff can also manually mark guests under a booking as ‘arrived’, as well as notifying the meeting organiser of their arrival via email or sms.


Quickly look at upcoming, previous and archived bookings

Admin staff can view current and historical bookings within a custom date range, as well as rapidly search for a booking using our multi-filter search function in the Booking Manager Dashboard.

The Booking Manager Panel

Your new concierge desk, wherever and whenever you need.

With real-time updates, some organisations may want to monitor check-ins in real-time to verify everyone is providing their details, manage capacity restrictions, provide a concierge check-in service, or provide a self-service kiosk for people checking in and checking out.

Our Panel is a digital concierge feature to be used as an optional add-on to the Booking Manager. It provides the following features:

View all bookings for the day

Customise the view of the panel to see expected, arrived and late guests.


View and edit details of bookings

Notification preference, date and time of booking, reason for visit and any notes attached to meeting.


Mark visitor as arrived

Keep track of guests that have arrived and at what time, with the ability to download and audit visitor management data.


Send custom notifications

Inform the creator of the booking that their guest has arrived via email, SMS or by landline.


Watchlist alerts

An extra layer of security and transparency for organisations.


Visitor Recipients

A feature built for those cases where a building or worksite has multiple entrances and no dedicated reception or concierge desk. Often in these cases, visitors arrive without any way to notify their contact when and specifically where they have arrived at the premises.

When combined with our Check Ins, you are able to make the visitor experience seamless as your guest checks in, selects who they are here to see, and we’ll notify them that they have arrived.


Guest check ins

QR codes are placed at various building, worksite or location entrances for the guest to check themselves in and they are able to enter all the relevant information.


Select contact

Visitors can select the person they are meeting with using a simple drop down box display. Once selected, they have the option to add a note and choose the pre-configured location (e.g. Door A) at which they can be found.


Contact is notified

The meeting organiser will then receive an electronic notification to let them know they have arrived, and where to find them waiting.


Complete Visitor Management

Our Visitor Management platform provides a suite of flexible integrated workflow and automation tools help your organisation to seamlessly manage your visitors, customisable to any use case.

Read about the additional products that make up the full suite:

Integrated Visitor Management Features

Check Ins

We have built this feature for those scenarios where a building or worksite has multiple entrances and no dedicated reception or concierge desk. Often in these cases, visitors arrive without any way to notify their contact when and specifically where they have arrived at the premises.

When combined with our Check Ins, you are able to make the visitor experience seamless as your guest checks in, selects who they are here to see, and we’ll notify them that they have arrived.


Cross-reference check in data with visitor register

Automatically cross-reference new check-ins with one or more integrated visitor registers to determine if a visitor is arriving for a pre-made booking.


Capture additional information

Receive visitor check in details via email or SMS, and ask people checking in if they are there to see someone specific, and if so, whom and from which department.


Virtual waiting room

Using this feature, all new check-ins will go into a virtual waiting room to await confirmation or approval from concierge or security staff.


Using our Watchlists product alongside our Booking Manager, visitor information can be screened against lists of prohibited individuals and organisations, preventing unauthorised access to a building or campus.

Organisations are able to create seamless experience for VIP guests, with all staff being aware of their arrival in advance and the appropriate steps to take when they arrive on site.


Security notifications

Send notifications to the security team to alert them about a known security threat or VIP that has checked into the building.


Plan for a Person of Interest arrival ahead of time

Concierge staff and security can view persons of interest booked in ahead of time, allowing them to best prepare for their arrival, ensuring a discretion and allowing for seamless experience on arrival.


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Visitor management combines all the features and integration capabilities of booking manager, check ins, and watchlist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does setup take?

Typically 1-2 weeks. Simply provide us with the compliance requirements and our team will get to work setting the system up for you.

Can we request changes?

Yes. We love extending the platform to work exactly as needed. Just ask and we can scope out changes.

Can I see it in action?

Yes. Request a walk through of the platform, we can also set up a demo account for you to access.

How does pricing work?

We have very competitive pricing. Get in touch now to chat with our team about your requirements.