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As a vital part within the storage and distribution industry, the Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia represents both the warehousing and transport sectors specifically involved within the Australian Cold Chain. 

Our Relationship with RWTA

Though we were new to the warehousing industry, RWTA has since been a gentle hand in guiding us through the specifics / inner workings of the Australian Cold Chain.

We wanted to become their member due to the sheer attention they’ve given in satisfying the growing needs of their community. 

We believe that if they could dedicate their services to the cold chain, and promote excellence within their own industry, then they would collaborate with our SaaS-based services to better simplify the numerous sectors they’ve continued to support.

Industry Partner

Partnership Program

RWTA prides themselves on their ability to ensure that there’s always a space for others to connect, learn, and do business with one another. 

Being either a member or partner of the RWTA entails that you get represented on a wide variety of councils, as well as industry and government committees.
What’s most notable within the partnership program is the constant stream of communication maintained amongst RWTA’s members. This is achieved through various email blasts, updates on networking events, social media posts, and more promotional opportunities.

Industry Partners

Future Projects

Being a recognised force in simplifying the operational workflow of the warehousing sector, we're working on applying our checklisting products to help the Australian Cold Chain in their operations... ...

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