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Greentree MYOB x Comply Group integration

We partnered with trusted payroll and accounting system, MYOB Greentree, to create a mobile-friendly employee self service portal.

We partnered with trusted payroll and accounting system, MYOB Greentree, to create a mobile-friendly employee self service portal. The portal integrates seamlessly with Greentree’s HR and payroll software, enabling employees to access their data in a simplified way on their mobile devices. Data is synced regularly to allow for an accurate display of employee details.

What is Greentree?

A sophisticated and powerful ERP software, MYOB Greentree helps businesses understand, control and automate what happens at every level of operations.

We created this integration to improve the user experience for employees on their mobile devices, enabling them to access their payslips and view their annual leave entitlements, as well as submitting leave requests and updating their personal details.

The portal can be used in conjunction with Comply Group's Time & Attendance product, or separately if required.

Portal features include:

Employee details

Employees can view and request to edit their personal details via the ESS portal, with security features in place to ensure any sensitive data is not displayed by default.

Leave balances and forecasts

Employees have the ability to view their current leave balances, and calculate their projected annual leave at any given date. Annual leave forecasting can be configured by management to include one or several types of leave.

Leave requests

Employees can request leave, with all recent leave requests visible in the portal, with their status and any other relevant information including the reason for rejected requests. Employees also have the ability to cancel unapproved leave requests via the ESS portal.


Users can view their payslips, with the ability to download them in PDF format, generated by Greentree.


In the banking feature, employees have the ability to allocate the varying amounts of pay they’d like to transfer into different bank accounts of their choosing, as well as increasing their super contributions should they wish to.

Comply Group Time & Attendance integration

The employee self-service is perfect for our customers currently using our Time & Attendance platform alongside Greentree. The employee self service portal can be accessed by management via the Comply Group Timesheet Manager, with the option to customise certain features and restrict access, as well as manually syncing the data from Greentree at the click of a button.

Request a demo:

We’re still working behind the scenes to add in more features to continue to improve the user experience. If you’d like to discuss your use case and requirements with us, as well as receiving a demo of the product, book a session here.

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