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Border Express and Comply Group

National logistics provider Border Express uses Comply Group’s QR codes to track shift start and finish times, with geofencing and award interpretation, integrating hours worked directly into their payroll system.


Accurate shift tracking across multiple locations

Spread across the country, Border Express faced the challenge of accurately tracking shifts in their distribution centers. This decentralised setup made it difficult to streamline the time tracking process for their staff, leading to inefficiencies and compliance issues.

Reliance on hardware with fingerprint scanners

Border Express initially relied on hardware with fingerprint scanners to manage shift time stamps. However, this approach posed challenges as some staff members were unable to verify their fingerprints, resulting in non-compliance. The scanners being used at the time also carried the risk of firmware and hardware failures, causing disruptions in the time tracking system.


Custom-built cloud-based system

Comply Group developed a custom Time and Attendance product for Border Express, addressing their specific challenges. The new system was cloud-based, eliminating the need for external hardware and removing the risk of hardware and firmware failures. This solution provided a more reliable and flexible approach to shift tracking.

Geo-fencing and automated alerts

To enhance the accuracy of shift tracking, Comply Group implemented geo-fencing features. Border Express now has the ability to set distance parameters for staff when clocking on and off for work. Automated alerts were also incorporated into the system, notifying managers about any deviations from the predefined parameters. This streamlined the review process and allowed for prompt resolution of any issues.

Simplified pay calculations through award rates and pay codes

To simplify the complexities of individual pay calculations, Comply Group assigned each employee an award rate tied to a specific pay code. This ensured that the rates of pay for each individual were accurate. By streamlining the pay calculation process, Border Express saved payroll resources while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of employee information.

Ongoing support and custom feature development

Comply Group continues to provide Border Express with ongoing support for the Time and Attendance system. They work closely with Border Express to address any issues and provide assistance as needed. Additionally, Comply Group is dedicated to expanding the platform further, developing custom features tailored to Border Express' specific requirements. This partnership ensures that Border Express achieves the highest compliance standards and optimises their internal processes.

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