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Introducing Compliance Passports

How to manage staff and contractor compliance with our dynamic passports to track training, accreditation, worksite entry requirements and more.

We put together this blog post to take you through all the ins and outs of our Compliance Passports product! As always, if you have any questions let us know by contacting us at

What’s it all about?

Employers can manage staff and contractor compliance with our dynamic digital passports to track training, accreditation, worksite entry requirements and more.

The software is cloud-based and accessible anywhere via a smart phone or desktop device, without the need to download an app or purchase additional hardware.

What are the benefits?

  • Workforce wide oversight of employee/contractor compliance

Central team can see everything thats happening around the organisation as well as receiving alerts and reminders if people are falling out of compliance.

  • Self service for employees and contractors

The interface is intuitive and simple to use, so employees can create and complete their profiles quickly without requiring a

  • Reporting and dashboards

Using the central dashboard, get easy access to the levels of compliance across your org

  • Alerts and notifications

Employers can  notified of important info that ends actioning, for example an expired certification or missing document upload.

  • Fraud detection

The software works its smarts behind the scenes to understand if people are uploading fake documents

  • Location check-in & real time alerting

If the organisation is in control of the building or venue, they can have access to Comply Group location check-ins, which comes with real-time alerting. So if a contractor arrives on site and they haven’t uploaded their certification, management will receive notification of this.

How does it work?

It all starts with that trusty QR code we can’t stop won’t stop talking about.

  1. Firstly, an employee or contractor receives an email with a unique URL and QR code, which they scan to start creating their profile.
  2. Next, they fill out their details and upload any documents, ID or accreditations required by the company.
  3. Our fraud detection software works its magic to check if the documents are legitimate.
  4. Once submitted, the employee profile is made visible on a central dashboard for employers to review and check.
  5. Organisation compliance achieved ✅

Who is it for?

We provide complete oversight of all types of compliance data across workforces of all sizes. Keep track of various different compliance requirements

  • Configuration: employee opt-in, privacy opt-out, privacy addendum, check-in integration
  • Staff data: employee ID, sub-brands, postcodes, departments
  • Compliance rules: training, accreditation, insurances, vaccines
  • Reporting: expiry reports, coverage predictions, coverage breakdown, exportable reports

Our Compliance Passports can be customised at a granular level for any business, so if there is something missing in the list above, let us know and we will add it in for you.

Who’s using it?

Currently Sodexo Australia, Toyota Materials Handling, and Melbourne City Council are just a few examples of companies are using our passport technology to ensure staff and contractors are meeting regulatory requirements in different locations.

Certain rules in Australia over the last few years have meant people need certain things approved (eg vaccine doses) before they can enter a site, or come to the warehouse. Our simple signup form allows contractors to create profiles, admins to approve them, and it only takes only a few minutes.

Dashboards, reports and alerts then drive the tasks for the operations team to easily stay on top of thousands of employees around the country.

Why Comply Group?

We pride ourselves in providing quick and efficient service, with out-of-the box software that can be customised and rapidly integrated into an existing workflow, that is scalable to businesses of all sizes.

We are only happy if you are happy, which is why our team works closely with you every step of the way to make sure there’s nothing we’ve missed in creating your solution.

While we have you, we wanted to let you know that we also build custom solutions for businesses from scratch. If you’d like to chat with us about something in your process that is missing, or that you’d like to improve, let us know and we can work towards building a solution for you.

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